Do you want to be a solicitor but not sure that university is for you? Here’s another option.

We want to make sure everyone gets the opportunity to get their legal career off to the best start. As one of our Legal Solicitor Apprentices, you will learn from our highly regarded lawyers who are experts in their field. You’ll be working, studying and earning as you become a solicitor. You will also have our full support as you progress through the programme.

Applications for our Solicitor Apprenticeship will start in October 2022, interviews will be in Spring 2023 with the apprenticeship starting in September 2023. 

What is a legal solicitor apprenticeship?

Our solicitor apprenticeship is a six-year programme that allows you to earn a degree and gain your SQE qualifications while receiving a salary. Typically, you will work at TLT for four days a week and study for one day a week.

During years One to Three, you will work in teams where you can learn about:

Common Law Methods and Ethics

Public Law

Law of Contract

Law of TORT

Criminal Law

Land Law

Real Estate


The apprenticeship will then teach you about the functioning legal knowledge (FLK) required to be a lawyer, which includes:

Equity and Trusts

Business law

Legal Services

Dispute Resolution

Property Law and Practice


Solicitors' Accounts

Criminal Practice and litigation


The essential skills and legal knowledge gained will prepare you for sitting the Solicitors Qualification Exam 1 and Solicitors Qualification Exam 2 assessments, during the final two years.

Upon successful completion (and passing all exams), you will be admitted to the roll as a Solicitor in England & Wales.

Once you complete the course, you will be assessed by the SRA and TLT, for Solicitor opportunities available at TLT to hopefully continue your career with us, as a fully qualified Solicitor.

We are looking for candidates with 120 UCAS points (or BBB equivalent), however there will be space for any mitigating circumstances on our application form, or email for a chat. 


Training and apprenticeships
Bristol, London, Manchester
Published Date
Monday 24 October 2022
Closing Date
Saturday 4 March 2023
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